Package Switcher Services

Package Switcher Services

Package Switcher Services

If you are considering changing your accountant call us today for free no-obligation consultation so we can understand and meet your requirements and make a process quick and easy by supporting you all the way.

The vast majority of accountants are familiar with the process and respond with good grace and the required information within a reasonable period of time. We will contact your previous accountant informing them to provide us with all of your accounting and tax records.

Why to switch to B&F?

  1. 1% cashback on your payments, payable quarterly after your free period
  2. 3 months free Registered Office
  3. Free initial consultancy
  4. Dedicated bookkeeper to ensure continuity and efficiency
  5. Speed and reliability
  6. Competitive prices
  7. All inclusive low cast fee for accountancy packages

For more information please contact B & F services:

Telephone:0207 723 9270


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