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Free appointment with B&F Small Business Clinic

Free Initial Business Advice The Small Business Clinic is run by a group of Experienced Entrepreneurs with the support of Professional Solicitors, Chartered Accountants & Marketing Experts with years of Experience in Small Businesses offering FREE initial advice on a range of issues to include all aspects of general, legal, Funding, HR, Accountancy and Marketing matters relating to running a business in the UK.

More importantly, it helps you to answer these questions:

  1. Whether you have a good business idea?
  2. Whether your idea can be developed into a commercial business?
  3. How to finance your business?
  4. Can you find and Investors?
  5. How your IP can be safeguarded when dealing with business associates?
  6. What is the most appropriate business structure for you?
  7. How could you get more clients in your small business?
  8. How to Develop your Business
  9. Creating your Marketing Strategy
  10. And many more....
Clinic days are held once a month. Last Thursday of each month from 1 pm till 8 pm. Individual meeting (45 minutes slots), in booking system 1 hour slots.
The following are the clinic dates for the 2022: Claim your FREE 45-minute consultation with B&F- Entrepreneurs Home.

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