Free Limited Company Formation with B&F Services

Get your business started for free with no strings attached. Just request our experts to find your preferable company name and we will take care of the rest.

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  • Ltd Company formation
  • 2-3 day registration
  • All documentation
  • Business consultancy with a tax expert
  • CRM Software Membership
  • Accounting Software Membership

Start Your Business For Free

About Us

B&F Services have been established in 2005 with the core mission of supporting the entrepreneurs through all stages of their growth. For over 14 years we have been supporting UK and overseas entrepreneurs building scalable companies by providing consulting and experts advices, tailored mentoring sessions, seminars and support in areas such as business development, concept verification, market research, funding, technology, finance and accounting and marketing.

In total we established over 3,600 companies and have worked on over 495 projects and secured more than £55m funding from the banks, private equity firms, venture capital trusts and crowdfunding platforms.

Free Consultancy

What do you get when you register a limited company with B&F Services
(for free)?

First Company Minutes

Although you probably won’t actually have a meeting (unless you enjoy that kind of thing!), the First Company Minutes detail the process of forming your limited company.

Certificate of Incorporation

This is the one you can frame and proudly hang on the wall, featuring your company details and the UK Coat of Arms.

Share Certificate

Rather than belonging to the company, the Share Certificate is intended for the individual shareholders. It gives details of how many shares a person owns, and how much those shares are worth.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association is sort of like the Terms and Conditions for your limited company. It sets out the rules that will govern the administration of your company, such as voting rights and procedure for transferring shares

Memorandum of Association

This is a legal document prepared in the formation and registration process of a limited liability company to define its relationship with shareholders.

Business consultancy with a tax expert

Initially, we will assign you an expert that will be in charge of your company formation and consultancy about your company structure and tax requirements.

CRM Software Membership

Smarty CRM is the perfect customer relationship management software to keep your sales process organised from scratch. Create sales opportunities, track progress with the pipeline view, and generate lead with features like web forms. Send and receive emails within Smarty email client. Record and forward your calls with Smarty call panel. Document all of your customer interactions in one single place.

Accounting Software Membership

Discover essential business insights in seconds by logging in to your accounting software. We partner with Smarty Accounting, being a business that offers modern cloud solutions as well as Android & iOS applications. You can use systems to upload expenses, issue invoices, follow up payments and monitor our bookkeeping progress.



UK Residents only


Must be forming a company for your own use

(no accountants/agents)


Maximum 2 Directors/Shareholders